Villani - About Villani <Villani salami are pure art> : Brand for Italian salami(Milano, Felino) , sausages, mortadella,pancetta and other pig meat products. We offer Italian food appetizers( antipasto), pasta, pizza and other food products for Italian recipes.

There is a reason to call Villani products “pure art”!

Did you know that Italian salami are fermented food product?

If we are talking about Japanese fermented food, we must mention Japanese sake, natto and miso. Some examples of foreign fermented products, which have steadily entered our daily lives, are wine, yoghurt, cheese, etc. Italian salami are another outstanding example.
Fermenting the pig's meat with the Nature's power and make wonderful salami, takes the skill of an artist. However, making the salami pleasant for the sight is not enough.

We call a product "pure art", when it is not just a pleasure for our eyes, but also captures our heart!
Villani's salami are such an example ? you cannot forget the moment you put a piece of salami in your mouth and be captured by its smooth taste and aroma, a product, that exceeds the level of being called just "food" and truly deserves to be called "a piece of art".

Do not miss the chance to appreciate this Villani product. You will be attracted to it forever.

Art enriches people's hearts and lives!

Art is not just something to enjoy watching, but also something to understand and taste. Please, take a careful look at Villani's salami and try its delightful taste.

The glossy, beautiful colour
The smooth texture
The rich aroma, which fills your mouth

You will have a piece of art on your table.

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