Villani - About Villani <History> : Brand for Italian salami(Milano, Felino) , sausages, mortadella,pancetta and other pig meat products. We offer Italian food appetizers( antipasto), pasta, pizza and other food products for Italian recipes.

Villani has supported Modena's food culture
in Northern Italy for more than a century

When we say the word "salami", people in Japan often picture in their heads hard or hot sausages. However, the origin of the word comes from the Italian word "salare" ( salt a product) and this is why, salami has always been pig's meat, which is put in salt until mold appears and it is cured. It is one of the traditional food products.

From ancient times, Emilia- Romagna has been called the capital of the delicious food. It is a famous region for breeding high-quality pigs with the magnificent agricultural products, that are cultivated near Po river.
Villani company is in Modena city, which is situated a little bit north from the center of Emilia-Romagna region. Modena is famous not only for its meat products, but also for its balsamic vinegar and lambrusco ( Italian sparkling wine), which make it a real gourmet city.
More than a century ago, a man, called Giuseppe Villani, started making salami, which put the beginning of Villani company. At those times, Italy was not a rich country, but still Villani people made endless efforts to offer a traditional, tasty product, protecting the food culture through the years.

The world longs for Villani taste

Nowadays, Italian people are not the only ones, who long for Villani salami.

Villani products cross the sea, cross the Italian borders and meet all their fans.

Villani offer the Italian salami with a long history to people all over the world. This proves, that together with the taste, people respect and prefer the service and quality control of Villani.

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