Villani - Message from Villani: Brand for Italian salami(Milano, Felino) , sausages, mortadella, pancetta and other pig meat products. We offer Italian food appetizers(antipasto), pasta, pizza and other food products for Italian recipes.


The experience and the attention paid in every stage of processing allow us to choose the most suitable cut for each product, thus ensuring that the final result is in line with our high quality standards.


007 -- Member of the “Mutua Salsamentari 1876”

Our CEO Giuseppe Villani became an honorary member of the “Mutua Salsamentari 1876”!
As we celebrate this historical reality of the industry an important milestone in 2016: the 140th anniversary.

12.28. 2016

006 -- Charcuterie Musium "MUSA (Museo della Salumeria)"

The charcuterie museum "MUSA" is born in the Villani headquarter, Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italy.

At "MUSA", we have tried to bring back to life the history of our forefathers, who developed and perfected charcuterie products over the generations to create a part of the gastronomic heritage for which our country is so famous today. They are introduced along with related art. The "MUSA" is one of facilities which accept "DISCOVER FERRARI AND PAVAROTTI LAND passport" in line with Ferrari museum and Pavarotti museum in Modena.

To access these facilities you can use unlimited ride bus. When you visit Modena, please drop by. by hand on the boxes in beautiful calligraphy...

08.05. 2016

005 -- Villani in the '30s.

The mailroom Villani in the '30s. As you see, at that time there were still no modern adhesive labels: the destination and the package number were written by hand on the boxes in beautiful calligraphy...

Villani in the '30s
08.02. 2016


The slowness of time and attention in the processes, from the production stages up to the cooking or seasoning, are fundamental components for a quality product.

The slowness of time
07.25. 2016

002 -- FOODEX Japan 2015


FOODEX official websiteWe shall exhibit at 'FOODEX JAPAN 2015' which will be held between 3rd (Tues) - 6th(Fri.) of March, and will introduce Villani products at Kyodo International booth (6D40).

You can check ‘Strolghino’ which is made based on original recipe, and ‘Finocchietto’ with fennel aroma.

Please visit us at 6D40 !


001-- We renewed our website!

Thank you very much for visiting Villani web site.
It is a great pleasure to introduce to you our top brand Italian salumi.
Please enjoy your tour and thank you for choosing Villani!

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