Villani - About Villani < The secret of tastiness> : Brand for Italian salami(Milano, Felino) , sausages, mortadella,pancetta and other pig meat products. We offer Italian food appetizers( antipasto), pasta, pizza and other food products for Italian recipes.

The traditional skills, whici have come down to us after more than 100years:
The high-quality meat, which makes it worth!

Villani is able to produce pieces of art, simply because the skills of the craftsmen have been passed up to the present generation. Art cannot be achieved by using only machines.

Villani choose their "high-quality pig's meat" with utmost care, as it is believed to be the first step to creating a piece of art. The company selects carefully the meat, choosing only from Italian pigs. Moreover, the meat is not frozen, but used in its fresh form.
On the solid base of the "high-quality material", Villani have been pouring the traditional skills of making salami for over a century. Thus, today we have this superb product.

Here is the key to producing a piece of art, which is constantly praised by everyone.

Villani is the only company that prepares by itself the most important
for the fermented food "fermentation micro-organisms"

The fermentation micro-organisms transform the pig's meat into beautiful piece of art. In other words, their role is enormous: they take part in the aging process of the product, become the factor for the aroma. They influence the 3 most important elements of the product: taste, aroma and colour.

Therefore, according to the fermentation micro-organisms one uses, the features of the products will change. So, it is very hard to trust anyone, when it comes to factors, as important as the taste, aroma and colour.
Villani pour life in their products by themselves: having their own laboratory, they research the best fermentation micro-organisms for each product and cultivate them, till they are ready to use.

The traditional skills match very well with the fermentation micro-organisms' work, achieving an art masterpiece, a pleasure for the eyes and for the mouth.
Villani keeps the old tradition, without missing to develop its production, which eventually leads to the creation of thiis marvelous product with numerous fans.

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