Villani - About Villani <The manufacturing of salami > : Brand for Italian salami(Milano, Felino) , sausages, mortadella,pancetta and other pig meat products. We offer Italian food appetizers( antipasto), pasta, pizza and other food products for Italian recipes.

  • Villani/ビラーニについて

1. Reception of the meat

Villani use only meat, which has been preserved in refrigerator under 4℃ degrees for 24 hours after treatment.

  • Frozen meat is not used: only fresh pig's meat.

2. Cut and mix the meat

Chop the material and put it together with the other ingredients in the mixer.

3. Curing process

Preserve the meat, till it reaches the necessary levels of pH and water consistency. (at least 35 days).

  • In other words, wait until the salami become tasty and safe to eat.
  • The mold around the salami protects the product, guaranteeing the perfection of the curing process on the inside as well.

4. Tasting: Tasting room

Choose at random a few samples from the manufacture lot and test the aroma and the texture.

  • Have a visual check for each product.

5. Analysis tests: Villani's own laboratory

Chemical and microbiological tests are carried out in order to confirm the products' safety.

  • We use the most modern know-how.

6. Labeling and Wrapping

Take away the mold from the product, put the label and place it in the case.

  • It's time to sit at the table!

7. 完成

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